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Many hands make light work 

Our capability is not just a statement; it's a commitment to excellence, reliability, and sustainability in every endeavour.

At AVM Group Pty Ltd, our purpose is to be a driving force behind the evolution of mining services, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions while upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect

Founded in the Avon Valley, Western Austalia in 2015, AVM is a leading contracting company with a reputation in the inudstry as the specialists in mobile and fixed plant equipment maintenance and support.
We pride ourselves on getting the job done quickly, safely and efficiently keeping our clients’ operations online and running strong.
AVM Group’s client centric approch and passion for always achieving the best outcome has seen the name become synonymous with quality, reliability, efficiency and skill throughout the mining industry.
AVM Group have 50+ employees, with about 20% of the employees on the rapid response team.



Safety is our paramount concern. AVM Group actively shapes a proactive and innovative safety-focused workforce through initiatives, programs, and extensive safety management. We prioritize creating a risk-averse environment for our employees and clients alike.



AVM Group work across a range of diverse and sensitive areas; culturally and environmentally and are committed to managing our environmental footprint. AVM Group understand the importance of sustainable development and encourage employees, contractors and visitors to understand and respect the environment in which they operate.

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